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We are a professional manufacturer of arrifical lift system (Pumping Unit)

We are a manufacturer of Conventional beam type (crank balance) pumping unit.
Conventional beam type (crank balance) pumping unit is mainly composed of motor, reducer, crank, crank pin assembly, connecting rod, beam, beam bearing block assembly, beam, central bearing block assembly, donkey head, suspension rope Device, bracket, base, crank balance weight, braking system. The balance weight is installed on the two wings of the crank, the hinge position of the crank and the connecting rod can be changed, the stroke can be adjusted, and the size of the small pulley of the motor can be adjusted to adjust the stroke.

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We are a manufacturing company that specialize in design,R&D,test,manufacture and services of pumping units. We established in Apr 3,2001 with 500 Million registered capital, and locate in petroleum chemical industrial area, Dongying, Shandong covering 60,000 square meters. We can design and manufacture over 80 types of pumping units and all of them tested and authorized by authorities. We are approved supplier of China Petroleum Materials Corporation (CNPC),and obtained ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS18001:2007 & API11E-0201 in 2014.

Type - pumping unit

The double horsehead beam type energy-saving pumping unit is evolved from the conventional beam type pumping unit. The whole
pumping unit of this series is like a balance, with one end pumping load and the other end balanced with heavy load.


The series not only has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation and maintenance of conventional beam pumping unit, but also has the advantages of new energy-saving pumping unitall starting current.


The torque change of the reducer of this series of
pumping units is relatively gentle, and the absolute value of the negative torque is small. Therefore, the gear of the reducer bears a small impact load, so the reliability can be improved.


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We work with your company for more than 8 years, and we import most of our artificial lift system for your factory. We will continue to buy more units from your esteemed company.
Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder LeoPetro
Fast delivery, high quality ,with API certificate, you are the trust-worthy supplier of artificial lift system in China. We would like to work with you again.
Adam Cheise
Head Of Sales , NovaPetro


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